Can you believe we have been living here in Germany for more than three weeks!

The past few days sure have been full and there’s so much we’d like to say. So much, in fact we’re not sure where to start! We’re going to try to keep this video short, but at the same time we want to pack it with pictures of our new life, so please excuse us if we go a little longer for this one.

Also, this is our last email newsletter until the beginning of October. If you want to pray for us and you’re not already getting our monthly prayer emails, let us know and we’ll add you to that list.

In above video…

  • Our life here in Kandern
    • Language Brain… Sometimes when we go to speak German another language comes out. Then sometimes when we go to speak English, we find German instead.
    • Autobahn Fun… We’ve had some interesting experiences already on the famed German Autobahn. Carrie was riding with a new friend at 180 kph which we later found to be about 112 mph! Jeff was riding with a friend when speed limit dropped from unlimited to 120 kph (75 mph) but he didn’t see the change. He found out when the speed camera flashed!
  • Jeff’s ministry plans so far (ICCM-Europe and Spain)
    • ICCM-Europe… Jeff is using his skills to revamp the ICCM-Europe website.
    • Spain… Jeff will be attending a conference about ministry to an immigrant people group we can’t name. He’ll be looking to form partnerships between some of those ministries and eDOT.
  • The story of a tree
    • We couldn’t be here without you… Jeff went for a hike and took a picture of an apple tree that reminded him that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for so many people supporting us.

Thanks again for walking with us. We’re so excited to be here, serving God with our gifts, talents, and all that we are! You’ve been an integral part of this process with your prayers and your financial support. We trust that Jesus Christ has a plan and we’re eager to see what it is!

Jeff & Carrie Gage

PS. We’d love to connect if you have the time. It is expensive for you to call us, but from our apartment we can make calls to the States for free. Contact us (facebook, twitter, or email) and let us know when would be a good time to talk.

We can receive mail at:
Greater Europe Mission
c/o Jeff & Carrie Gage
Hammersteinerstraße 49
79400 Kandern

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