Kingdom Rock SmallOur sending church (Mountain Springs) is hosting about 750 kids for VBS with another 350 adult and teen volunteers. If you are visiting this site because your kids told you about us, Welcome! Please browse some of the articles here and watch some of the videos we’ve posted in the righthand column.

In short, God is sending us to be missionaries in Europe where we’ll live in Germany and join a team called eDOT that seeks to help various partner ministries use technology to advance God’s kingdom there. Your kids have been learning about how our kids will also serve as missionaries amongst the friends they make there.

VBSFrequently, Europe is overlooked as a mission field because of its rich Christian history, but the continent, for the most part, has actively abandoned their historic faith. While many have turned to atheism, a most are simply apathetic when it comes to eternal matters, and a growing number are seeking to return to the worship of pre-Christian pagan deities.

Greater Europe Mission has been ministering in Europe for over 60 years, and we’re excited to be joining their ranks this summer. Maybe God is calling you to be part of what we’re doing. If that’s the case, welcome to the ranks of our Armor-Bearers!

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