Tech Expanding God’s Kingdom!

This week we start out in front of the closest thing Kandern has to fast food: Turkish Döner Kabap. These little restaurants are in every little village across Germany. GEM is reaching the Turkish immigrant population in Europe in some surprising ways.
Through eDOT’s partnership with Kutsal Kitap in Turkey, we’ve created a smart device app to help Turkish people find answers to life’s deep questions in the Bible rather than the Koran. In the first few months of use, the most frequently searched for terms have been the Turkish equivalents to Allah, God’s Gifts, Family, Pornography, and Adultery.

Not only do these suggest where the people are, they also helps Kutsal Kitap know what the people are curious about so they can be prepared and communicate about those subjects. The app wasn’t originally designed for this purpose, but isn’t it neat how God works in the small details to create something useful to help expand His kingdom!!!

We hope you’re enjoying this series of video-emails. We know that at least three bites have been taken with question marks about two other potential bites. Also, we’ve received special gifts totaling 10% of the total we need to cover special expenses we were able to skip to get here as early as possible.

Please consider taking a $25/month bite. There are two ways to give: online or via EFT through the mail. We pay a small fee for online gifts, but EFT is almost free to us. If you can, please consider taking four or more bites! Every bite counts! Also, don’t forget we still need special gifts to cover the rest of our “move-in” expenses. Please help with this by giving online at the same site.

Lastly, please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in missions. From Germany, we have no way to meet new people unless you introduce us to them.

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