Rapid Fire Updates!

One month ago (May 23rd) we announced that we had a date to move to Germany: July 23. At that time we announced that in order to move we’d have to raise $1,800 a month, or 72 bites of $25 each. Since then, the Lord has done some remarkable things! Now, with twelve days to go before we are scheduled to fly, we are fully funded for the first year of ministry!

Every Friday we’ve been documenting this whole process through weekly update video emails. Here they are so far! Please keep praying as the rest of the bites are taken!

Email Video
Special Update, May 2014
8 Weeks to Germany!
7 Weeks to Germany!
6 Weeks to Germany!
5 Weeks to Germany!
4 Weeks to Germany!
3 Weeks to Germany!
2 Weeks to Germany!
1 Week to Germany!

Even though we’re fully funded for the first year, we still need to consider the years after that. If we’re on your heart, don’t think you’re too late. Please visit www.bit.ly/engageeurope!

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