Pictures in our Prayer Video

Idols3We’ve started adding videos to our monthly prayer emails. These are simple, short little videos where we just share our heart along with our prayer requests for the month. I created a short title and credit sequence for the videos, with a bunch of pictures. Some people have asked about them so I thought I’d blog a little about each one.

Opening Sequence

Picture #1

My family just before my departure to Germany on March 26th.

Fam before March 14 trip s

Picture #2

This is the eDOT team minus one. From left to right: Jacob, Dana, me (Jeff), Katie, Courtney. Jan wasn’t available at the time.

eDOT Team s

Picture #3

Two ladies having a private conversation in a beautiful spot near the center of Kandern, Germany.

Flowers s

Picture #4

This was the only religious section in a Christmas Store. Sure there were some crèches in the Christmas section, but there were no crosses or other Christian junk. Not that I really like Christian junk, but stores sell what sells. There’s a market for the idols in this picture which reflects on the state of belief in the culture.

Idols2 s

Picture #5

While I was away Carrie and the kids got to go to the Denver Zoo! It looks like the giraffe is grazing on Wesley’s hair.

Wes n Soph s

Picture #6

This was one of three symbols of communism I found as graffiti on the walls in Kandern. With only 5,000 people, Kandern isn’t very big, so this struck me. I’m not sure what it says about Germany, and its probably just teenage rebellion, but even still.

Hammer and Sickle s

Picture #7

I talked about these men in my video review of my trip to Germany. Watch it at this blog post.

Me with the Volkhockschule s

Closing Sequence

Picture #8

We have a really special story that involves me at the end of a pier in Germany. So I made sure to get this picture. The story is too long for here, ask us if you want to know the whole story.

Jeff at end of pier s

Picture #9

This is the eDOT team minus me. For some team bonding time, we visited Freiburg the last Sunday I was there. From left to right: Krista (Courtney’s wife), Jan, Alex (Courtney’s son), Courtney, Katie, Jacob, Chris (Courtney’s boss). I took the picture just before our photo scavenger hunt.

eDOT Team Outting s

Picture #10

Another picture of idols prominently on display. This time we’re in the German version of Home Depot. Does Europe need Jesus?

Idols1 s

Picture #11

A selfie! My first meal in Europe. I’m at the Donar Kebap with Jacob (think Mediterranean). It’s the closest thing to fast food in Kandern.

Jeff n Jacob s

Picture #12

Sophie welcoming me home at the Colorado Springs airport on April 7th.

Sophie Welcome Home s

Picture #13

Yet another gift shop. Half the store was of this kind of stuff. Granted, I’ve seen similar in the States. Just thought it was interesting.

Dragon s

Picture #14

I ended the video with this picture. I’m still praying for the guy on the left.

Me with the Volkhockschule s

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