Mobile Outreach Centers

I (Jeff) am really excited that one of my projects with eDOT will be helping to establish Mobile Outreach Centers (MOC). A MOC is a mobile computer lab that is designed to be used to teach basic computer classes. These MOCs are typically given to ministries that reach high unemployment areas where computer skills equal job opportunities. While the ministry is teaching these skills, the door opens to share Jesus through God’s love lived out.

There is one such MOC is entrusted to John, a GEM missionary in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. This MOC has been up and running for a few years now. John sets it up at a New Hope Center which is operated by New Hope Church, a church plant. The orphanage system in Ukraine will only help kids 14-years-old and younger. So when an orphan turns 15 they are on their own. The MOC at this community center is being used to give these teenagers the skills they need to support themselves and thereby shield them from prostitution and other forms of crime and human trafficking.

New Hope Church offers many classes that range from cooking to managing a dairy, and they were trying to become an accredited trade school, but were getting caught up in red tape. Once the Ukrainian powers-that-be discovered that they offered computer classes, they cut through the politics to accredit their first course (Ukraine is trying to become the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe). Now that this course has broken the ice, it will make it easier to get other classes accredited. They are now on their way to official and full trade school status, and God used a humble little MOC to forge the way! I can’t wait to be a part of how God is changing lives in Europe and calling people to Himself through simple people using their skills to further His kingdom!

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