Faith Leaps

Remember the classic scene where Indiana Jones has to take a leap of faith to cross a bottomless pit? (See it again here.) That’s how we feel sometimes, but that’s what faith does! It leaps!

At the beginning of the year we were feeling expectant that God was doing big things behind the scenes. We spent more than a month in concentrated prayer while digging ditches for the miracle we believed he was about to do. This season culminated on March 11th when we were given permission to register for pre-field training with the understanding that we would only be allowed to go if our monthly support increased dramatically before class began. With this caution in mind, we continued to dig ditches.

Permission to Take the Next Leap!

Coming into May we knew pre-field training started June 9th and that we’d have to buy our plane tickets to get to training before the airfare costs skyrocketed, so we started praying towards May 19th, hoping we’d have GEM’s permission to go in time.

The day before the first of the four fundraisers (see next story), Ken Rudeen from GEM called and at the end of the conversation mentioned that he was giving us his blessing for us to buy our airfare and go to pre-field training!

Are We Fully Funded?

You’re probably asking, “Do they have the financial backing they need?” The simple answer: Not yet. At this moment we’re at 60% of our financial needs. We have talked to several people that are waiting until we’re closer to going and others know they want to but just haven’t begun. In faith we believe that God will put us on people’s hearts to provide the remaining 40% in time for the kids to begin school at BFA in September. In part, this quote from A.W. Tozer drives us on:

“God is looking for people with whom He can do the impossible – what a pity we plan only the things we can do ourselves.” – A. W. Tozer

Are You Supposed to be an Armor Bearer?

Thank you for being willing to follow us as we take these leaps of faith. If you aren’t already one of our financial armor bearers, but you know the Lord has asked you to be, please go to learn more about how to financially lift us up and be a part of the eminent revival we pray will set fire to Europe in the next decade!

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