Thank you for your interest in enlisting as one of our Armor-Bearers! As an Armor-Bearer, here’s what you can expect:

  • Active Prayer
    We are actively praying for those who have chosen to partner with us and we encourage our Armor-Bearers to let us know how we can best pray for them. At the same time, we commit to let you know how you can pray for us with at least a monthly email.
  • Beta Test
    Due to the unique nature of what I (Jeff) will be doing, I will be offering you opportunities to participate in testing the technology I will be helping to create.
  • Promote Ministry
    As our Armor-Bearer, you will want to see us get to Europe as quickly as possible. To this end, you’ll help us find other Armor-Bearers by introducing us to like-minded friends and family.
  • Fund Ministry
    Living and ministering to Europeans through technology is a valuable, but pricey, endeavor. Our Armor-Bearers stand with us financially through monthly, annually, and/or one-time gifts. For options on how to fund our ministry financially, click here.

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