eDOT 2.0

The team Jeff will be joining has been undergoing some significant changes that we are really excited about. We haven’t talked a lot about eDOT in the past, so we thought it would be good to give you an update on what eDOT is and what it is doing right now.

eDOT started as a team that produced online Bible study coursework for seminaries and Bible colleges in Europe. They’ve created a site where you can explore and get a feel for the work they’ve done and continue to do: demo.EquipHisPeople.com.

While eDOT will continue to work on courses like these, there are many changes afoot. Courtney Roes is the new team director and there are two other men also looking to join eDOT. It is exciting to know that we’ll be at the ground floor of a new work God is doing in Europe!

Under Courtney’s leadership the team has rewritten eDOT’s Vision and Mission statements to help guide the team:

Vision: To be used by God to move the peoples of Europe toward life in Christ through innovative technology in strategic partnership with Europeans.

Mission: Working with the peoples of Europe, eDOT develops innovative technology solutions that equip people for life in Christ so that they can reach the world with the Gospel.

Here are some highlights of the current, long-term projects eDOT is working on that go to fulfilling its mission statement:

  • eDOT developed & hosted a secured email server for GEM workers in creative access areas. It has provided this service for 4 years and now it has outsourced this service to expand its capacity so that it can be used by even more workers, especially by GEM’s growing immigrant ministries area.
  • GEM’s Bible school friends (IBG) in Switzerland are translating a 9-year long Sunday School curriculum into French and eDOT is partnering with them by providing the infrastructure to house it all. They will be giving this away for free in all the areas of the world that speak French, including many countries in Africa. eDOT is also working to connect IBG to their Portuguese partner who is also working on a Sunday School curriculum (but in Portuguese).
  • Courtney is a part of the leadership team for ICCM-Europe (International Conference on Computing & Mission). This year they’ve worked to help leverage social media and other marketing techniques to make this February’s conference the highest attended conference they’ve ever had.
  • We’ve been developing a prototype secured video streaming system (think YouTube or Vimeo but secured) to handle large (both in size and quantity) videos on both Flash (Desktops & laptops) as well as non-Flash devices (iPads, tablets, and mobile phones). The initial use for this will be in the Discipleship Multiplication Training we’re developing but there are huge potential opportunities beyond that.

Be sure to like the eDOT Facebook page to keep up with what’s happening!

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