CIT (Center for Intercultural Training)

Inline image 1We have completed our first week of pre-field training here at CIT (Center for Intercultural Training). The topics so far have included: Transitions, Marriage in Missions, Ethnocentrism, Views of Culture, and Tools for Cultural Awareness. We are also memorizing 2 Corinthians 4:1-12. The Culture sessions, have really opened our eyes to how we think as Americans and how that could really hinder us on the field. We certainly don’t want our message to be hindered, so we are grateful to be here to get better prepared for the task ahead.

Inline image 2The kids are LOVING their classes. They are learning similar subjects but in an age appropriate way. One day Sophie had to research the history behind the German flag. We all learned from that project. Each Wednesday they will cook a new ethnic food, and they both have field trips coming soon to an ethnic restaurant. Wesley is enjoying new freedoms as an official Youth (middle-schooler) here! After class each day, both kids beg to go to the pool with their new friends.

Inline image 3While in North Carolina we’ve learned some things about life here. They have lots of bugs, but that is completely fine since the Fire Flies are amazing! What an experience walking through the grass and catching them in a jar!  Since it is Father’s Day, yesterday we went to experience North Carolina BBQ and Sweet Tea. Yummy!

If any of you would like to write us or your kids want to write (snail mail), here is our address until July 19th:

c/o The Gage Family
PO BOX 250
Union Mills, NC 28167

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