Prepared for Germany

At 15-years-old, Jeff committed his life to serving Jesus on the mission field in Europe. In her early 20s Carrie knew she was supposed to be a missionary. They met just before she spent a summer in China. Almost instantly knew they knew their lives were prepared for the mission field together.

Jeff is serving with eDOT as their UI/UX Designer where he designs the overall functionality of the software eDOT creates. He designed the new 3.0 version of the C2C Story app. Currently, he is designing a new prayer app that will connect people in prayer for the work God is doing in Europe.

Carrie has been serving at a refugee center in Germany where Syrians, Bosnians, and Albanians all live in close quarters with nothing to do. Not only has she found a way in, she’s become a catalyst to mobilize other women to minister Jesus’ love in this place where war-torn nations our coming to our door.

We’re excited and passionate for the life God has prepared for us in Germany!

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