What If?

Turkish Billboard

The billboard above asks, “What if what we grew up believing isn’t true?” If you were in the right country in May, 2012, you might have seen this billboard while waiting for a train or while riding a bus.  A partnership of several ministries helped produce this campaign which was placed in 42 bus and subway locations throughout the large city.

The purpose of the campaign was to get people to go online and start conversations about Jesus.  The Muslim world is very curious about Jesus right now, so the timing is perfect!

Here’s the techy part: To get people to move from just seeing another billboard to having a meaningful conversations about Jesus, we included a QR code (square barcodes that can act as a URL for smartphones), a SMS/Text message code, and, of course, the URL to the website (www.gercekne.com).  All of the contact information collected by these three avenues was stored in one central database.  Through this database, the local believers can follow-up with the many people that responded and they can keep track of their many conversations. With this tool everyone that follows up can know the history of the conversation and where they are on the discipleship spectrum.  This helps better move the conversation toward a decision and allows for more balanced discipleship.

Originally, the campaign was supposed to last 4 weeks, but opposition shortened it to three weeks. Even still, in three weeks a significant number of people responded via the three contact methods!  Soon we’ll try another campaign!

Man Texting


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