Are You Ready for the Rain?

Ever hear a pastor tell a story that you remembered years later? That happened to us recently and it really speaks to where we are right now.  Albert Tate originally told this story at Mount Hermon, the summer of 2010. Here it is as best as we can remember (creative license liberally applied).

Years ago in the South, maybe Georgia, there was a severe drought.  It hadn’t rained for months and the local farmers were really hurting. Indeed the whole town was on the verge of collapse.  It was the middle of summer, hot and humid, when the local pastor called for a community-wide week of prayer and fasting.

Every evening for seven days dozens of people gathered for prayer in the sweltering heat.  On the seventh day, as they were believing God for a breakthrough, a child ran into their midst saying, “Hurry, quick, come outside!  Something’s happening!”  The two or three dozen men and women rushed out of the small chapel to the shade of heavy dark clouds!

When the church finally emptied the first large drop fell from the sky.  Soon everyone was drenched, dancing in the pouring rain.  God had heard their prayers and brought the rain.  However, a sudden realization rippled through the celebration and sent the revelers sprinting for their cars.  This was a poor town and it had been so hot that they had all left their windows open at home. They had to race home to close them! Although they had the faith to pray for the rain, they were unprepared to receive it!

We’re believing God for some big things right now! But are we prepared to receive them? For example, renting out our house now saves us from having to scramble to rent it later.  But what other preparations can we make?

What are you praying for?  If it were to be answered right this second, where would you have to scramble?  Let’s all be as prepared as possible for the outpouring of God’s goodness and the answers to our prayers.

Also, know that the fact they didn’t have the faith to keep their windows closed didn’t prevent Him from sending the rain. When we are faithless, He remains faithful! (2 Timothy 2:15)

  • So Exciting! Glad to hear such joyous news. Carrie when your email mentioned learning German more quickly I see a picture of you smiling and giggling with the German people as you use your new found German with them. It blesses people when others make an effort to communicate whit them in their culture and language. Thank you Gages for taking the plunge. (= It will be wonderful!

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