Igniting Discipleship

GEM wants to ignite discipleship movements in 50 cities over the next five years (Click here for more info). Discipleship multiplication training is essential to that vision in order for our GEM staff, our European national ministry partners and our North American church partners to be making disciples that make disciples.

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In the last 12 months, discipleship multiplication training that began with GEM’s Europe-based leaders and a handful of their European partners in Basel, Switzerland, has spread training all of our field staff at a conference in Poland. Then we had the chance to begin training our North American church partners at our first DMT conference in Wheaton, Illinois with 250 people from across the US late last fall.

Next, our team in Ireland hosted a DMT event in Dublin this spring to bring even more European ministry partners in contact with the principles of discipleship multiplication. A similar event is coming up early this fall in Prague.

Now GEM is planning two regional DMT events for late this summer in Denver, Colorado and in Houston, Texas. If you’d like to receive an invitation to one of our North American events, click here. And for specific information about our events, click here.

The team at eDOT is excitedly creating a website that will foster online community and ongoing education for all the people that go through the various DMT training courses. What an opportunity to be a Christian in Europe on the verge of revival!


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