“Uh Oh!”

Uh Oh!

I –Jeff– love rollercoasters. I love the sound of the clack-clack-clack on that first hill.  My Dad would always ask me (and now I ask my kids) “Who’s driving this thing?” as we clicked our way to the top.

We know Who’s driving our ride to Germany, and right now we feel like we’re at the top of the tallest hill on the ride. We have the whole coaster beneath us with all of its twists and turns. We’re about to be released to gravity’s will and, in faith, we’ll come to the end of this ride in August after successfully moving to Germany!

There are a lot of details to consider right now. However, just like when you’re looking at a rollercoaster, we’re wondering how it is all going to work out. The ride looks impossible from our point of view, but we serve the God who split the Red Sea and rose from the grave. He welcomes “impossible” and frequently asks us to step into it with Him.

Has God asked you to get on the rollercoaster with us? Are you concerned, or even afraid, of what that might look like to your finances? We’ve heard about the fears of our current armor-bearers, but then they tell of the blessings they account as the result of their obedience. One family let us know that they committed to a $100 a month out of obedience to the Lord. Then the next month they received a $100 raise!

We don’t believe that if you give God is obligated to bless you financially. However, we can say that God blesses in many more ways than just financially when His kids trust Him and not their circumstances.

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