The German Turks

In the last part of 2012 we attended Perspectives, a college-level class about the God’s missionary heart for the world.  This was an incredible experience that we highly recommend everyone attend.

As part of the class we were required to choose an unreached peopled group somewhere in the world and write a paper that outlined a plan to reach that people.  We worked together on the paper and wrote about the German Turks.  A relatively new people group initially formed soon after WWII.  If you would like to read this paper, it is available here.

We don’t know if this plan will ever be implemented, but we do know that our hearts ache for these people after having spent so much time researching them.  One thing that wasn’t in the paper was the fact that the German Turks have heavily influenced the food of Germany and Turkish Donar Kebab restaurants seem to be Germany’s most popular fast food.  When we visited Germany last year, Donar Kebab was our first meal there and it was similar to Arab shawarma or Greek gyro.  It was pretty good and we look forward to more Donar Kebab in the near future!

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