Almost every Sunday afternoon in my (Jeff’s) 7th grade year I’d go over to a friend’s house to play the board game Risk. Inevitably, every time we played, I would corner my friend and have him on the ropes, assured of my victory. Then his one little army to my six would withstand my onslaught. I think it was the gloating and mockery that got to me as my massive and powerful army was whittled down by his one army. In my seventh grade maturity and logic, the correct response was to slug him in the shoulder. Ah the memories!

Let’s talk about a different kind of Risk. Let’s talk about the risk you’re taking right now while you read this blog. Somewhere out there, someone could be taking note that you visited this website and linked you with our cause to reach Europe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through friendship and technology. Are you alright with this? On one side, we shouldn’t be ashamed of our connection to the cause of Christ. On the other, what if you were doing ministry in a country where such a connection could land you in prison or worse, especially when there are steps you can take to avoid this association?

Would you like to learn how to be more secure so the snoopers out there have a more difficult time snooping on your digital activities? eDOT is creating an online course for missionaries that will teach them how to be more secure online. This course is called Computer Security Essentials and You (CSE&Y) and it covers the whole breadth of digital security. Its 10 modules discuss everything from the psychology of why you might resist being more secure, to a discussion about email and hard drive encryption.

This course was almost done when its chief editor, Jan, had a bad fall about a month ago and broke one of her wrists. Now she’s unable to continue her edit of the course and the project is dead in the water. That’s where I come in. In God’s infinitely perfect timing, I’m in the right place to help her finish this vitally important course!

I’ve been given 10 hours a week to help with projects like this! I’m able to work from the GEM office in Monument where I have a place to hang my hat. While I’m really excited to be working on projects like this again, and it is really fulfilling, I’m severely handicapped here. There are many projects in Europe that require I be there. For example, eDOT is on several ministry boards where they host annual conferences to talk about how technology can enhance the work of the Gospel in various places around the world (e.g., ICCM Europe starts February 5th, 2014). I need to be there to help organize these conferences. Of course, this is only one example of the several projects the Lord has lined up for me to do in Europe.

If any of this resonates with you and you see the need for classes like CSE&Y, please consider supporting us every month for any amount. The only thing hindering me from being there to help with that conference in February is our lack of funding. Please visit our safe & secure online giving page to set up monthly payments. If you’d rather give through EFT, follow the instructions here.

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