Opportunities to Serve with eDOT

Greater Europe Mission just released its newest tool to help people find where they’re needed on the European mission field. Check it out at www.GEMAdventure.com.

I’ve listed eDOT’s opportunities below.

I hope I’m able to fill the first and second positions listed. Also, I’m going to do some on-the-job training to learn how to do the third position. Knowing the huge need for the sixth and seventh, I know I’ll be helping with those until someone else comes along who really knows what they’re doing and has a passion for it.

Depending on her availability and ability, Carrie will help out with the fourth position. She might even wind up doing some of the fifth, but we’ll see how everything works out!

  1. eDOT Web & Mobile App Designer
    Design mission-focused websites and web/mobile applications for various audiences across Europe, North Africa, and beyond.
  2. eDOT Technical Project Manager
    Work with short term teams and interns to complete technical projects that connect and/or disciple people.
  3. eDOT Web and Mobile Application Developer
    Create and maintain web and mobile applications that connect and/or disciple people.
  4. GemStone/eDOT Graphic Designer
    Design for mobile applications, the web, and print publications in a culturally sensitive fashion.
  5. eDOT Office Administrator
    Organize travel, help process expense reports, general office management, and keep information current and up to date.
  6. eDOT Systems Coordinator
    Administrate our various servers and systems and help our ministry partners use our servers and systems as we all multiply and accelerate the Kingdom of God.
  7. eDOT Technical Systems Administrator
    Develop and maintain several servers and infrastructure that are housed locally, in remote locations, and “in the cloud.”

All of this serves to show how incredibly we’re needed on the eDOT team! Help get us there!

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