Flexible Prayers

Judas is the villain of the Gospel. The Man of Perdition, born to betray the Son of God. But have you ever thought about his betrayal from his perspective?

Let’s assume that he was a political radical who expected to see Rome brought to its knees by the Messiah. Suppose he saw himself as one of Jesus’ generals in the army that would bring about Israel’s new golden age. When he saw Jesus take the position of a servant, wash their feet, and then tell them that they must do likewise (John 13), the illusion of grandeur shattered. Jesus wasn’t meeting his expectations and into the dark he went for his 30 pieces of silver.

What are your expectations of Jesus? God rarely chooses to act in the way we expect. I know I’ve prayed many prayers trying to make plans for God and how he could do what I want. I’m no better than Judas. Where I differ is in how I respond when God takes a different path to answering my prayers. The old saying comes to mind, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken.” Let’s pray flexible prayers, according to His will, and watch the Lord do wonders beyond imagining!

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