Almost Half Way!

We are excited to see God blessing this path to serve Him with eDOT in Germany. We have met so many amazing people along this support-raising journey, that have touched our lives in deep ways. As time has passed our hearts long more and more to be there, especially as we interact with the team online and hear what they are doing.

This journey is taking a little longer than we thought it would, however, we know God’s timing is perfect. The last 6 months we have had a few delays. The major one has been Carrie’s mom’s health. Many of you have been praying for her and she is doing much better right now! As we get refocused and round the half way mark any day, we hope to speed up so we can move to Germany soon. We have no plan B!

The first two weeks in August we will be in California to visit our family, former church family and friends. We hope to share our Power Point with many of you! We have some up to date projects that eDOT has been doing that will knock your socks off! Please stay in touch, we love hearing from you. Your prayers and your notes greatly encourage us.

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